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Todas as crianças têm direito a…

Todas as crianças têm direito a…

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This book is dedicated to all children. Prepared by the Victor Manoel Children's Shelter Education Team (CAI) as part of the "clothesline of rights" project developed with families and children.

Authors: CAI Victor Manoel Educational Team, Families, Children and Surrounding Community

Coordination: Vítor Manuel Child Shelter Center | Discoveries Proximity Development and Intervention Unit

Editorial Coordination: Editorial Center | Directorate of Culture of the Santa Casa da Misericórdia de Lisboa

Illustrations: CAI Victor Manoel Educational Team and children

Photography: João Paulo Silva (Father of Joana do CAI Victor Manoel)

Publication Year: December, 2020
Edition: Editorial Center | SCML Culture Directorate
ISBN: 9789899021280 (digital)

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