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One King and Three Emperors. Portugal, China and Macau in the time of D. João V

One King and Three Emperors. Portugal, China and Macau in the time of D. João V

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The São Roque Museum received the award for the best Temporary Exhibition "One King and Three Emperors- Portugal, China and Macau at the time by D. João V", in the 25th edition Portuguese Association of Museology Awards Ceremony 2020.

The exhibition catalog A King and Three Emperors. Portugal, China and Macau in the time of D. João V, conceived with the aim of showing Portuguese-Chinese relations in their global dimension, focuses on the first half of the 18th century. With scientific and editorial coordination by Professor Jorge Santos Alves, the book brings together studies by renowned researchers, focusing on the political-diplomatic, commercial and maritime, cultural, scientific-technological and religious dimensions that characterized one of the most intense and relevant periods of the relationship between Portugal, China and Macau. The catalog also brings together more than 50 entries of objects belonging to Portuguese and foreign collections that illustrate and help to better understand this complex and captivating situation.

Watch the Exhibition online here.

General Coordination: Maria Margarida Montenegro; Executive Coordination Teresa Freitas Morna; Commissioner Jorge Santos Alves

Authors: ESSAYS António Vilhena de Carvalho, Faculty of Human Sciences, Catholic University of Portugal. Isabel Murta Pina, Scientific and Cultural Center of MAcau, IP. João Paulo Salvado, CIDEHUS, University of Évora. Jorge dos Santos Alves, Faculty of Human Sciences, Portuguese Catholic University. Susana Munch Miranda, CSG/GHES - ISEG/University of Lisbon. ENTRY António Filipe Pimentel. Antonio Vilhena de Carvalho. Bénédicte Gaulard. Gilberto Pereira. Helena Miranda. Hugo Miguel Crespo. Isabel Horta Lamprey. Isabel Murta Pina. Joao Miguel Simões. John Paul Salvado. Joao Pedro Viera. Jorge Santos Alves. Jorge Welsh Reserch & Publishing, Lisbon/London. Luis Saraiva. Maria Antonia Pinto de Matos. Maria Lima Mayer. Natalina Warrior. Roderich Ptak. Silvana Besson. Susana Besson. Susana Munch Miranda. Teresa Girao. Teresa Freitas Morna.

Technical Advisory: Filomena Brito. Goncalo de Carvalho Amaro. Joao Miguel Simões. Maria do Carmo Lino. Maria Eduarda Napoleon. Maria Joao Pacheco Ferreira. Silvia Linhares de Freitas Pereira.
Illustrator: Silvadesigners

Year of publication: December, 2019
Editor: SCML | Museum of San Roque
ISBN: 9789898712905

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