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Therapeutic monitoring unit: Structuring process

Therapeutic monitoring unit: Structuring process

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The path of the Therapeutic Monitoring Unit (UAT) began in 1989, with the creation of the Solidarity project at the Santa Rita de Cássia Residence (known as "Casa Amarela "), with the aim of welcoming and monitoring the treatment of people infected with HIV/AIDS. A project that quickly expanded to include a day centre, outpatient clinic and home support for people in this situation. In 1998, there was a need to expand the residential space itself, with the opening of the Mother Teresa Residence in Calcutta, in 2004, the Therapeutic Apartments were created, and in 2005, for monitoring and surveillance of therapy, the Center for Santa Maria Magdalena. Here is a portrait of the UAT, born in 2013 to integrate these facilities that primarily accompany patients with chronic diseases and work towards their therapeutic adherence, exposing, in an accessible way, their intervention methodologies and respective therapeutic processes. This book is part of the Sebentas Collection of Social Action, an editorial line dedicated to sharing knowledge acquired and consolidated through practice, in the awareness, however, that this knowledge is always under permanent construction and improvement.

Authors: Rita Valadas (right); João Geraldo (coord.); Rui Santos; João Geraldo and team

Year of publication: 2016
Editor: SCML
ISBN: 9789898712462

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