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Viagens e lendas de São Francisco Xavier

Viagens e lendas de São Francisco Xavier

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The story of the travels and legends of Saint Francis Xavier in comic strips, aimed at younger readers. The visit of a father and son to the Church of São Roque da Santa Casa da Misericórdia de Lisboa serves as a starting point for a fun journey through the history of the Saint missionary of the Society of Jesus, following the trail of the pictorial cycle by André Reinoso, a collection of paintings 17th century books on the life of Saint Francis Xavier, installed on the chest of the sacristy of the Church of São Roque. Through this playful-didactic material, composed of a book and an interactive cd-room, the reader dives into the aforementioned series of baroque paintings, following the evangelizer who was one of the greatest travelers of his time, a visionary in the way he met and contacted other peoples. Along the way, you will discover aspects of Portuguese History and Art from the Age of Discoveries. A bilingual edition (Portuguese and English) carried out with the support of the Portuguese Institute of Museums / Portuguese Museum Network, within the scope of the Commemorations of the V Centenary of the Birth of São Francisco Xavier, marked in 2006.

Authors: Helena Alexandra Mantas; Luís Costa (text); Teresa Morna (coord.)

Year of publication: 2006
Editor: SCML, Museu de São Roque
ISBN: 9728761198

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